Book Therapy - Recommended Reading

Books help us to expand our thinking, open our minds and find our own solutions through story.

Every day hypnosis.

Storytelling is so powerful as a methodology for bringing about change. Here are some of my most recommended reads for transformational change.

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This helped me uncover deeper parts of me


Getting in touch with how I wanted to feel was life changing


Interesting way to look at weight


This was a nice, easy way to get in touch with what I was thinking, feeling, creating.


A good reminder of personal power in creation


I absolutely adore his work, changing life as we view it.


Read anything by this wise mystic woman, she speaks sense.


An eye opening reminder of truth


Really  foundational


yes to us introverts

This book helped me to gain understanding and clarity where I was seeking


Great for getting back in touch with inner goddess


A new look at creation of your perfect life


I adore this book for many reasons, but mostly it helped me understand a longing I held.



A lovely story about life