Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy


Whether in person or via an online platform, Mind Coaching Solutions incorporates and utilises a combination of advanced clinical therapy strategies based primarily around Clinical Hypnotherapy. Incorporating various psychotherapy methodologies, hypnoanalysis, brief solution focused therapies, NLP and many more.


Therapy or coaching can be done in person from my clinic room or via online platform such as skype or zoom if you are not local to me. It does not matter the location, only that the therapy is completely tailored to you and your individual needs.


Considerations before choosing Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy:


There are innumerable conditions that can be assisted with advanced clinical hypnotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy is action orientated in a passive manner. This means that advanced clinical hypnotherapy is in many cases most successful when the person requiring hypnotherapy is ready to make the change and put in the work required to assist themselves. In saying this though, that is not always the case, many times, hypnotherapy can assist you to build the motivation you need or give you tools to explore the root causes.


Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy is in no way like anything you may have seen on TV. In a lot of cases it's not as authoritarian as some popular hypnotherapists in the media. The use of therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, Socratic Questioning, combined with trance induced visualisation, depending on your particular goals could be used. Ultimately the outcome of your sessions is to assist you to develop new coping mechanisms to take forward into the future. As your therapist, my aim is to arm and equip you with tools to help you navigate your future path after therapy.


Often I am asked, what trance is and you may be surprised to learn that everyone has naturally experienced trance at some point in their life, perhaps you have gone into a daydream whilst lying n the beach, that is a form of trance; when you are reading a book and then have to re-read the last 3 pages, that is also a form of trance or when you have driven somewhere and not sure how you got there so quickly, it is possible you experienced trance in this situation and your body took over on "autopilot". Trance, therefore, is a completely natural state that we drift into and out of easily sometimes more than once per day. I like to tap into to lead you into feeling more comfortable and secure in each session.


Who benefits the most from Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy?


Almost everyone can be helped with clinical hypnotherapy, whether it works for you, is up to you. Imperatively though, it needs to be mentioned that if it hasn't worked for someone that it would've automatically been their fault. Therapy is most definitely a partnership where each person is responsible for the effort and attitude they bring to each session. I will do my best to establish and set up a positive therapeutic experience for you to benefit from the most. Below, I have laid out conditions and situations where advanced clinical hypnotherapy is not appropriate.


Multiple examples exist across various media sites about how clinical hypnotherapy has been positive and beneficial for many people including celebrities and other high profile people. Equally there are many cases where empirical evidence exists and many where it does not. So many factors are involved in creating a good outcome that sometimes it is impossible to measure every strand of variation that could exist. That's why it is important for you to practice discernment in choosing the right therapist for you, your gut will rarely steer you wrong. Learn more about me here

There are however some instances when hypnotherapy should not be undertaken and these include:

  • When someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • When someone has serious psychiatric disorders
  • When someone has epilepsy
  • When someone has serious heart conditions and/or pacemaker
  • Someone with severe depression, there are other talking therapies more suitable
  • Someone with comprehension issues
  • Anyone suffering with dementia

If you have a condition that you are unsure whether can be treated with hypnotherapy or not, the please get in touch for us to discuss it and I will be open and honest as to what I can do with you or not. In most situations I will try to find an alternative solution if I am unable to assist.

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