Self Esteem: 1st Step

Feeling not good enough? Read this: Over the years I have noticed that majority of the people that I treat, the underlying factor of the presenting problem, is often that the person has a low self-esteem. The interesting part is that they may not even be aware that their self-esteem is low as externally they…

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Being David or Goliath: Which would you support?

You are 1 decision away from changing your life – whether that is positive or negative could very well depend on the decision that you make or the lens through which you are viewing your situation and life.   I find often that we forget that we always have the power to make a decision…

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Alcohol and the negative effects on your brain

Chronic Alcohol Abuse – It won’t happen to me   I’m not sure about your experience, but for me, learning that alcohol was the way to make you more confident, more outgoing or to help you unwind was “taught” at a very early age. Alcohol is the accepted social norm, everywhere you look there are…

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Weight Loss: Points to consider

Some points to consider before starting another fad diet programme The weight loss industry is worth billions, each week there is a new method, a new study or clinical trial showing how this *latest* method works best for losing weight. Whilst I utilise clinical results, I do so mostly for people who are evidence based…

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