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Advanced Clinical Therapies & Coaching

Helping you to feel more in control of your mind, body & life utilising the most up to date, natural strategies.

Get in control of your anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, sleep and much more.

Transform Your Life - Rebuild Your Confidence, Rediscover Your Motivation Mojo

Stress, depression, anxiety, low mood and poor self esteem are found in a variety of instances, it doesn't always look the same. Even the strongest people need assistance some times. Asking for help is a sign of strength and courage.

Some scenarios that people frequently seek help for include:

Senior Managers or Executives who have climbed the corporate ladder only to find it meaningless, empty and not at all what they want but no idea what comes next and feel stuck.


New mothers who are feeling completely overwhelmed, lonely and feeling anxious that they will not be able to care for their new baby.


Women who have learned that they are infertile and either have no known reason for this or have to come to terms with using donor eggs or a surrogate or being child free.


People who are suffering with low moods and depression who feel so ashamed that they are being "weak" that they are unable to share their feelings with family or friends.

People who stress eat and have tried everything to let go the excess weight but feel stuck, lost and completely alone


The 5 o'clock wine, beer, gin habit that seems to be more frequent and turning into more than just a few.


The person whose seemingly innocent pass time of gaming, gambling, porn, social media is starting to impact work, relationships and their family life.


Being in a relationship that is unfulfilling and not feeling good enough or believing you are strong enough to leave.

If you are just exhausted and don't know what to do next, we will start right where you are at and go one step at a time.

If you can relate to any of these examples or something similar, then please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and life can turnaround with a little assistance. 

I'd be delighted to assist you on that journey of reclaiming your happy, carefree life as more confident, connected you. 

Live free, content and at peace

Pick a path below that works for your situation

In Person or Online Therapy

Utilising advanced clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, stress management techniques, mindfulness and coaching. Bespoke tailored sessions to quickly get you results.


Self Help

Help yourself at your own pace with online training modules & exercises - coming soon


Download an MP3

Empower yourself by choosing your own downloadable mp3 to listen to for a minimum of 21-28 days for best results.

Quick Q&A

How do you know if this will be a good solution for you?

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy is very beneficial for people who:

  • Feel stuck
  • Feel down on more days than they feel great
  • Feel numb and just bumbling through day to day activities
  • Feel like something in their life is missing
  • Feel as though they are not good enough
  • Use alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, gaming or food as a crutch, means of escape or to get a buzz
  • Have unhelpful thoughts that keep them feeling inadequate or useless
  • Feel melancholic
  • Constantly feel stressed out, wired, tired, forgetful and scatterbrained
  • Not sleeping well or sleeping too much

If you have 1 of these feelings or scenarios happening in your life, then clinical hypnotherapy could generate a more positive outlook in your life.

Why Choose Me As Your Therapist or Coach?

  1. You will receive personalised, up to date solutions to your situation
  2. You will be in a safe, discreet location 
  3. If you can't see me in person, I can offer private online solutions to suit you
  4. You will be with someone who has overcome many obstacles and can relate with empathy and real understanding
  5. You will feel supported and heard
  6. People have described me as someone who helps them feel more clarity and comfort.
Laura Grace Steventon


I look forward to guiding you back to your ideal life. 


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